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Arabidopsis thaliana Protein Interactome Database

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What is AtPID
Is the information contained in this database available for free?
What is the background of the scientists involved in establishing AtPID?
Do you intend to commercialize the database?
Are you Gene Ontology (GO)compliant?
Are you using any literature mining algorithm?
Doesn't your manual curation create and propagate more errors in databases?
Protein-Protein Interaction
what will be shown in the PPI'detail page for each returned PPI pair.
What is GSP and GSN?
What is Ortholog Interactomes?
what is protein domain assignments method?
What is the Biological Process method?
What is the Co-Expression Method?
What is the Gene Fusion Method?
What is the phylogenetic profiles Method?
How do you integrate different methods' results together and give the final PPI pairs of Arabidopsis thaliana?