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Query protein:XBAT32  Network Display  
LocusSymbolNumber of interactionsAnnotation
AT5G57740XBAT32GSP:5 PPI:23XBAT32; protein binding / zinc ion binding.
Representative Gene Model Description
AT5G57740.1:XBAT32; FUNCTIONS IN: protein binding, zinc ion binding; EXPRESSED IN: 23 plant structures; EXPRESSED DURING: 15 growth stages; CONTAINS InterPro DOMAIN/s: Zinc finger, RING-type, conserved site (InterPro:IPR017907), Zinc finger, RING-type (InterPro:IPR001841), Ankyrin (InterPro:IPR002110); BEST Arabidopsis thaliana protein match is: ankyrin repeat family protein (TAIR:AT5G07270.1); Has 53432 Blast hits to 21435 proteins in 784 species: Archae - 43; Bacteria - 3620; Metazoa - 28006; Fungi - 3996; Plants - 1781; Viruses - 633; Other Eukaryotes - 15353 (source: NCBI BLink).

Database cross-references
TAIR Gene: AT5G57740;
IPI: IPI00544010;
UniParc: UPI00002537D9;
KEGG: AT5G57740;

AT5G56750Ndr family proteintext mining 21036873(yeast-2-hybrid assay:FDS1176001)
AT2G22810(ACS4)ACS4 (1-AMINOCYCLOPROPANE-1-CARBOXYLATE SYNTHASE 4); 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthasetext mining 20511490(Biochemical Activity)
AT5G56750(NDL1)No related data.text mining 21952135(yeast-2-hybrid)
AT4G26200(ACS7)ACS7; 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthasetext mining 20511490(Biochemical Activity)
AT5G57740(XBAT32)XBAT32; protein binding / zinc ion bindingtext mining 15584963(Biochemical Activity)


Functional Partners
AT3G04130pentatricopeptide (PPR) repeat-containing protein
AT4G04460aspartyl protease family protein
AT3G28540AAA-type ATPase family protein
AT5G19700MATE efflux protein-related
AT1G54100No related data.
AT4G27830No related data.
AT3G14630No related data.
AT4G39510No related data.
AT1G08350endomembrane protein 70 family protein
AT4G21480carbohydrate transmembrane transporter/ sugar:hydrogen symporter
AT2G18480mannitol transporter, putative
AT2G40890No related data.
AT2G29990No related data.
AT1G55250No related data.
AT2G44950No related data.
AT3G18140transducin family protein / WD-40 repeat family protein
AT5G64610No related data.
AT1G77510No related data.

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E: Co-expression
F: Gene fusion method
N: Gene neighbors method
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D: Enriched domain pair
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