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Query protein:AT5G48610  Network Display  
LocusSymbolNumber of interactionsAnnotation
AT5G48610AT5G48610GSP:3 PPI:3hypothetical protein.
Representative Gene Model Description
AT5G48610.1:unknown protein; FUNCTIONS IN: molecular_function unknown; INVOLVED IN: biological_process unknown; LOCATED IN: cellular_component unknown; Has 40172 Blast hits to 20678 proteins in 907 species: Archae - 83; Bacteria - 2457; Metazoa - 17275; Fungi - 3289; Plants - 1108; Viruses - 205; Other Eukaryotes - 15755 (source: NCBI BLink).

Database cross-references
TAIR Gene: AT5G48610;
IPI: IPI00544542;
UniParc: UPI0000DB50C3;
KEGG: AT5G48610;

AT3G59220(PRN)PRN (PIRIN); calmodulin bindingtext mining 21036873(yeast-2-hybrid assay:FDS1176001)
AT3G59220(PRN)PRN (PIRIN); calmodulin bindingtext mining 21952135(yeast-2-hybrid)
AT1G18570(MYB51)MYB51 (MYB DOMAIN PROTEIN 51); DNA binding / transcription factortext mining 25049362(yeast-2-hybrid)