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Query protein:AT4G08770  Network Display  
LocusSymbolNumber of interactionsAnnotation
AT4G08770AT4G08770GSP:3 PPI:5peroxidase, putative.
Subcellar localization
vacuole: Pubmed16381842; extracellular: Pubmed16381842;
Related organ
root      soluble fraction,1-DE      Related article
root      SDS fraction,1-DE      Related article
Representative Gene Model Description
AT4G08770.1:peroxidase, putative; FUNCTIONS IN: electron carrier activity, peroxidase activity, heme binding; INVOLVED IN: response to oxidative stress; LOCATED IN: vacuole; EXPRESSED IN: hypocotyl, root; CONTAINS InterPro DOMAIN/s: Haem peroxidase (InterPro:IPR010255), Plant peroxidase (InterPro:IPR000823), Haem peroxidase, plant/fungal/bacterial (InterPro:IPR002016); BEST Arabidopsis thaliana protein match is: peroxidase, putative (TAIR:AT4G08780.1); Has 2824 Blast hits to 2808 proteins in 185 species: Archae - 0; Bacteria - 0; Metazoa - 0; Fungi - 30; Plants - 2762; Viruses - 0; Other Eukaryotes - 32 (source: NCBI BLink).

Related KEGG pathway    
Metabolic Pathways
   |----------Amino Acid Metabolism
   |--------------------Phenylalanine metabolismLink to keggView overall Pathway
   |----------Energy Metabolism
   |--------------------Methane metabolismLink to keggView overall Pathway
   |----------Biosynthesis of Secondary Metabolites
   |--------------------Stilbene, coumarine and lignin biosynthesisLink to keggView overall Pathway
Database cross-references
TAIR Gene: AT4G08770;
IPI: IPI00545315;
UniParc: UPI0000048913;
KEGG: AT4G08770;

AT3G26090(RGS1)RGS1 (REGULATOR OF G-PROTEIN SIGNALING 1); G-protein coupled receptortext mining 21036873(yeast-2-hybrid assay:FDS1176001)
AT3G15500(NAC3)No related data.text mining 24823379(yeast-2-hybrid)
AT3G26090(RGS1)RGS1 (REGULATOR OF G-PROTEIN SIGNALING 1); G-protein coupled receptortext mining 21952135(yeast-2-hybrid)


Functional Partners
AT1G44970peroxidase, putative
AT2G34060peroxidase, putative

O: Ortholog interaction datasets
G: Shared biological function:Go Ontology
E: Co-expression
F: Gene fusion method
N: Gene neighbors method
P: Phylogenetic profile method
D: Enriched domain pair
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Transcriptional Regulation

Transcription factorTarget geneDetail infoRelated Artical
LHP1[AT5G17690]AT4G08770No detail info. 17542647
TFL2[AT5G17690]AT4G08770No detail info. 17542647