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LocusSymbolNumber of interactionsAnnotation
AT1G25250AtIDD16GSP:4 PPI:5AtIDD16 (Arabidopsis thaliana Indeterminate(ID)-Domain 16); nucleic acid binding / transcription factor/ zinc ion binding.
Representative Gene Model Description
AT1G25250.1:Arabidopsis thaliana Indeterminate(ID)-Domain 16 (AtIDD16); FUNCTIONS IN: transcription factor activity, zinc ion binding, nucleic acid binding; INVOLVED IN: regulation of transcription; LOCATED IN: intracellular; EXPRESSED IN: 22 plant structures; EXPRESSED DURING: 14 growth stages; CONTAINS InterPro DOMAIN/s: Zinc finger, C2H2-like (InterPro:IPR015880), Zinc finger, C2H2-type (InterPro:IPR007087); BEST Arabidopsis thaliana protein match is: AtIDD14 (Arabidopsis thaliana Indeterminate(ID)-Domain 14); nucleic acid binding / transcription factor/ zinc ion binding (TAIR:AT1G68130.1); Has 27940 Blast hits to 13404 proteins in 248 species: Archae - 1; Bacteria - 28; Metazoa - 26584; Fungi - 117; Plants - 396; Viruses - 9; Other Eukaryotes - 805 (source: NCBI BLink).

Database cross-references
TAIR Gene: AT1G25250;
IPI: IPI00527003;
UniParc: UPI000198E92A;
KEGG: AT1G25250;

AT2G33610(SWI3B)No related data.text mining 23449474(yeast-2-hybrid)
AT1G21700(SWI3C)No related data.text mining 23449474(yeast-2-hybrid)
AT2G46020(BRM)transcription regulatory protein SNF2, putativetext mining 23449474(yeast-2-hybrid)
AT5G59980RNase P subunit p30 family proteinEC


Functional Partners
AT2G01940No related data.

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