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Arabidopsis thaliana Protein Interactome Database

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Data buffering takes about 1 or more minute acording to the network size.

The page you are trying to view requires the installation of a Java virtual machine on your computer. The Microsoft Virtual Machine for Java (MSJVM) is no longer included in Internet Explorer. A third-party Java virtual machine is required and must be installed separately. If you don't have Java installed, it is available for free byhttp://www.java.com/getjava.

For the purpose of maximize display annotation information and optimization web data transmission, we re-development the online display tools, which providing more detailed network information output and having some online analysis tools. With the optimization of algorithm, if the component of the network is less than 1500, it will be expended infinitely until the scale reach 1500 or no new point could be added. User could analyze the query in the global view this way. We plan to publish off-line version in the near future in order to facilitate the users to better display and analysis of relevant network information.

The new tools have the following functions:

  • The basic display

Node shape & size: protein degree
Node fill material: query protein
Node fill color: view the proteins in the selected subcellar localization or pathway,green, gene with mutant info; purple, genes which has selected Subcellular localization info; Dark green, genes which has selected pathway info; blue, shortest path starting and ending protein; black, shortest path via protein
Node label: protein ID
Node mouse hovering: protein corresponding phenotypic picture, information and other detail annotation
Node right menu: detailed protein annotation interface include other databases cross Links
Solid line: PPI with evidence
Dashed line: Predict PPI
Line label: Predict PPI intensity
Arrows: directional connection et. Transcriptional regulation
Line color: interaction type red, PPI with evidence; green, small complex component proteins; blue, transcriptional regulation
Mouse moving Zoom or transform the whole display area, selection protein and protein connection

  • Extended display

Mark designated PATHWAY in protein network
Marking the network shortest path between two protein
Filter display in accordance with the node degree
Point by specifying the edge node to expansion the existing network
Switch different models of networks display