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Arabidopsis thaliana Protein Interactome Database

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For data security and accuracy,I am sorry to inform you that you are neither the partner nor the client of our project according to your IP, you have no right to download the package of data-mining. But you are welcomed to upload your PPI or subcellular localizetion information to us using the following link or report the data error to us.

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FDS1176001 G-Signaling Interactome [Baits: 24 Preys: 431 Interactions: 1058]
Etsuko Moryiama Lab — University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2011.08.16

This database includes information on Arabidopsis proteins identified to interact with the heterotrimeric G-protein complex. Three proteins (RGS, GPA1, and ARD1) and two dimers (AGB1/AGG1 and AGB1/AGG2) were chosen as the first set of baits (core baits). After the preliminary screening, 22 proteins were chosen as the second set of baits. Using a high-throughput interaction screening with 22 baits against 9 cDNA libraries, a total of 396 prey proteins with 903 interactions were identified.

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