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Sphingosine 1-phosphate (S1P) pathway

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S1PSPPase1SphingosineS1P3Gq family
GqSPHKSPP familyS1P2G12
GiGi familyS1P lyase1pyridoxal 5-prime phosphateHexadecenal

Related interaction Related unit Interaction type Unit type Subcellular localization Activity state Related Article
204179 S1P   modification input cytoplasm   
201591 S1P3   modification input transmembrane   
204181 Sphingosine   modification input plasma membrane 16996023  16584625  12531554  16520486    
204182 S1P   modification input cytoplasm 12815058    
204192 S1P  S1P2  G12  G13   subnet input   
204191 S1P1  S1P   subnet input active   
204184 Sphingosine   pathway input plasma membrane   
202434 S1P5   modification input transmembrane 11705398    
204187 S1P2   modification input transmembrane 9854026  10617617    
202734 S1P   translocation input cytoplasm 17050692    
204194 S1P  S1P4  Gi   subnet input   
201871 S1P4   modification input transmembrane 12761884    
204195 S1P  S1P5  G12   subnet input   
204186 S1P   modification input extracellular region   
204185 S1P   modification input cytoplasm 14570870    
204178 Sphinganine   modification input   
204183 Sphinganine-1-P   modification input cytoplasm 12815058    
204193 S1P  S1P3  Gq   subnet input