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Rapid glucocorticoid signaling

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Gs familyGTPCRHGDPGbeta gamma

Related interaction Related unit Interaction type Unit type Subcellular localization Activity state Related Article
203592 p38alpha-beta   modification input cytoplasm 11257496  15846779    
203591 JNK1-2   modification input cytoplasm 11257496  15846779    
203585 cortisol   vasopressin secretion inhibitor 8751289    
203587 Gs family  GTP   glutamate secretion inhibitor active 12832507  16775153    
203584 cortisol   adrenocorticotropin secretion inhibitor 11145234    
203590 cortisol   regulation of calcium ion transport via voltage-gated calcium channel activity inhibitor 7823188    
203586 Gs family  GDP  Gbeta gamma   modification input inactive 16775153