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Circadian rhythm pathway

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FREE FeCO CRY1-2 CK1 epsilonCRY2

Related interaction Related unit Interaction type Unit type Subcellular localization Activity state Related Article
202563 TIMELESS  CHEK1  ATR   chromatin modification agent   
202560 PER1   modification input cytoplasm   
202551 PER1-2    CRY1-2   transcription agent nucleus   
202566 PER1-2    WDR5   histone modification agent   
202557 PER1-2   degradation input cytoplasm active2   
202558 2009  12  1   modification input 15560782    
202554 PER1-2   modification input cytoplasm 14712925  14750904    
202549 HEME   modification input   
202556 PER1-2    CRY1-2    CK1 epsilon   translocation input cytoplasm 11875063    
202559 TIMELESS   modification input 15798197    
202564 TIMELESS  CHEK1  ATR   S phase of mitotic cell cycle agent   
202565 PER1-2   modification input cytoplasm 15860628    
202562 TIMELESS   modification input   
202555 PER1-2    CRY1-2   modification input cytoplasm   
202548 BMAL1  CLOCK   modification input nucleus   
202567 PER1-2   modification input cytoplasm   
202561 BMAL1  CLOCK   modification input nucleus   
202552 PER1-2   modification input cytoplasm   
202568 PER1-2   NONO   transcription inhibitor   
202553 PER1-2    CRY1-2   translocation input cytoplasm