Related Signaling interaction pathway:

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LPA4-mediated signaling events

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cAMPAdenylyl CyclasePKC epsilonGs familyDAG

Related interaction Related unit Interaction type Unit type Subcellular localization Activity state Related Article
201610 LPA4   modification input plasma membrane 12724320    
201615 CREB1   modification input nucleus 12763014    
201616 CREB1   positive regulation of transcription input nucleus active 12763014    
201613 PKA C-alpha   modification input cytoplasm   
201619 Adenylyl Cyclase   cAMP biosynthetic process agent active 10578131    
201618 Adenylyl Cyclase   modification input 10578131    
201612 Gs family   modification agent active 12724320    
201614 MSK1   modification input 12763014    
201617 PKC epsilon   modification input cytoplasm 10578131    
201611 Gs family   modification input 16543818