PubAngioGen 1.3

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PubAngioGen  is a database dedicated to Angiogenesis which is a process of generating new blood vessels based on existing ones, and is involved in many diseases. Through manual text-mining, we extracted those published results related to angiogenesis at multi-levels, including molecular, cell, animal model and disease, and comprehensively summarized the relationship between angiogenesis and major diseases, which provides the latest information of angiogenesis involved in main diseases and signaling pathways. Considering that the compounds or proteins which promote or inhibit the pathological angiogenesis can be potential new drugs, we also collected those potential drug targets and related compounds that are proved to be effect on angiogenesis. In addition, we collected those candidates of angiogenic factors that are in clinical trials and the therapeutic targets for anti-angiogenic or pro-angiogenic drug development. Our database provides the first integrated resources for exploring the relationships between angiogenesis and diseases, such as cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, as well as related research progresses for drug development.

The overview of angiogenesis pathway

Illustration reproduced courtesy of Cell Signaling Technology Inc and public research articles.